The Playfab

Design Studio

At Playfab, it all starts with the design. We launch our creative process by imagining the product’s construction and appearance from the idea stage to the finished product.

Our goal is to create innovative and functional products in a simple, modern and elegant style that satisfies both clients and end users.

Before delivering presentation to the client, we always ensure our products are safe by following safety standards and protocols for the intended region.


Concept proposals are developed in three stages: concept sketches, 3D models and renderings.

During each stage, we collaborate closely with specialists from an engineering, production, market and user perspective.

Once the initial design stage is complete and the client is satisfied with the layout, our process moves into Phase 2.

Playfab engineers take the lead and work closely with our designers to prepare for manufacturing.

Teamwork is an essential component as we always try to keep the design as close as possible to what our clients approved.


Playfab designs to manufacture all of our products in-house, allowing us total control of the development process.

By overseeing every step from design to manufacturing, we are able to ensure the highest quality of all our products.

Fun & Safe

To make sure our products are fun and safe, prototypes and play tests of our products are done in-house with children and families in the community, with whom we have a close relationship.


Playfab ships products all around the world, thus a comprehensive design plan is crucial when developing and manufacturing products.

Last but certainly not least, our carbon footprint is important to us, so we always make our shipments as small as possible.

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